OJIMAS ( おじます ) is originally Japanese brand that reflects our attitude to Jiu Jitsu and dedication to sport in general.

I was born the son of an old school Jiu Jitsu master. I spend half my life on Tatami. It wasn’t easy, but I would never choose another path.

In Japan, martial arts are not just a sport, they’re a lifestyle. We follow this ancient tradition and it helps us build a strong warrior spirit. It’s how we communicate with our communities and the rest of the world.

My father used to say – discipline, style and nutrition are the most vital characteristics of a true fighter. The students who met his high demands would be called “Ojimasta.” This unofficial name was priceless in our dojo. It honored those with top-level dedication. Years have passed, my father is no longer here but his legacy and ideals live on in the soul of the Ojimas brand.


We want to eliminate the chaos that effects many athletic lifestyles. Our clan-brand is designed to help those who follow the jiu jitsu tradition. Our goal is to improve mindset and take athletic performance to the next level.

My father shared his traditions with me now I share them with you, the new generation of fighters.

We will gradually introduce 7 essential nutrition and apparel products that meet the tough demands of the fighter’s life.

We create not just champions; we create a life-long winning mindset. We offer not only attributes; we offer a higher standard of life.