15 Killer BJJ Armbar Tips

bjj armbarArmbar is the one of the most effective bad ass submissions today. Can be done from different levels and positions, in both Gi and No Gi. But even it is a quite simple move, many fighters are having hard time with it. So to fill some gaps in your jiu jitsu database follow these 15 Simple Tips and your armbar will progress accordingly.

1. Golden rule – thumb’s always up. You need to catch the elbow so your goal is to turn your opponents hand thumb’s up to secure the submission.

2. Keep your feet flat on the floor. This base is more stable and causes more problems to your opponent.

3. Train your hip and core, it will increase your speed and explosiveness.

4. Drill Armbar from different angles and uncomfortable positions. Mount, close guard, inverted guard, escape to armbar etc. Improvise. If you be able to do it from unusual positions nobody will expect it.

5. Train your timing, try to speed up to decrease set up time. Explosive armbars are more difficult to defend.

6. Train “one-armed” armbar to work out swipe defense with both arms.

7. While grabbing the arm try to arch your back and look backwards it will give you some extra leverage to finish the move.

8. Minimize the space while setting up armbar, it should be tight, especially when you do it from the mount.

9. Always watch opponent’s elbow and try to adjust it.

10. If your grip is deep enough – grab your gi, pull and wait.

11. Use high close guard as middle step while you are doing armbar from close guard. (lock armpit and shoulder). Some people try to skip it but high guard is very effective.

12. Don’t forget about wrist locks.

13. Grab the gi pants to avoid hitchhiker escape.

14. Always pinch your knees together.

15. Consider some back-up plans: omoplata, triangle, guard recovery.

If you got some of your tips then make sure share them in the comments section below.

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