50 Killer Tips For BJJ White Belts

bjj_white_belt_tipsIf you are new to bjj and want to improve your game or progress faster then follow these 50 tips that will change your game for good. Don’t forget to incorporate Ojimas OSU in your workout which is the only BJJ preworkout supplement in the market. Click here to order and get free shipping plus up to $130 discount.

1. Choose a Jiu Jitsu academy like you choose a house according your internal voice. Take a trial, and if it doesn’t work don’t push yourself, try another one. Mental state affects performance. 

2. Make short-term goals. Whatever it is – perfect armbar defence, mount escape, guard passing skills. It will help you stay focused.

3. Make friends, jiu jitsu is a team game. Nobody drills with lonely wolves.

4. Notion of Victory in jiu jitsu is related to how many lessons you learn from your fails, not how many people you will defeat.

5. Promote positive vibes, don’t bring your problems to the mat. The atmosphere in the academy depends on each student.

6. Don’t ask about promotions; better ask what holes you have in your techniques.

7. Don’t do things fast, do it right.

8. Never underestimate anyone. In jiu jitsu you never know who is hiding under the Gi.

9. Remember in bjj aggression is always synonym for mistake.

10. Gi is your second skin, clean it regularly.

11. Patience wins. Focused mind is your best weapon.

12. Don’t avoid rolling with heavier and taller guys. It will teach you how to react in different situations.

13. Fight stronger grapplers. It will reveal your weak sides that you need to improve.

14. Don’t roll with serious injuries. A few days of rest are better than a 6 months rehabilitation period.

15. Leave ‘Win at all costs’ mentality for competitions. You will learn more moves, transitions and escapes.

16. Take time to practice Judo throws.

17. While you are newbie learn different techniques, don’t just stick with techniques you have already found effective, you need to develop understanding of jiu jitsu motoric.

18. Be attentive with the basics. In Jiu Jitsu you always want learn something new, but it shouldn’t affect ABC techniques.

19. In life long frame jiu jitsu is more like a game than a fight. Keep it in mind when something doesn’t work, it will help you find the right keys.

20. Suppress the hate and envy. It is always hiding somewhere on the mat, so stay away from it.

21. Don’t be afraid to use risky techniques while rolling, you will discover your potential.

22. You don’t fight a person, you fight his positions. Your attitude should be nothing apart from respect. Bad feelings lead to bad moves.

23. Learn how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

24. Eat healthy, follow a balanced diet. This means enough carbs, fats and proteins.

25. Listen to your body, if you are overstrained, take a rest. Mentally as well as physically.

26. Supplements. Jiu jitsu is high intensity workout that requires maximum effort from your body and your daily menu usually doesn’t cover even half of the required dosage. Check Ojimas OSU, learn more here.

27. Remember Grip of your opponent is Bad, avoid it like a fire.

28. Don’t keep questions inside your head trying to find an answer yourself. You have a teacher who will be glad to share with you his knowledge.

29. If you say roll light – roll light.

30. Accept advice and tips from others, one day you can use them, so just keep filling your jiu jitsu database.

31. To beat an upper belt doesn’t mean to deserve a promotion.

32. You have to accept that you will fail many times before you will start winning.

33. You teacher scores not quantity but quality.

34. Don’t skip sparrings/rolls, your teacher makes notes.

35. Do conditioning, in jiu jitsu it goes right after techniques.

36. Try to use technique over strength.

37. Depending on how you learn best it may be helpful to make a list of learned techniques.

38. Time to time do No Gi class as well, it will teach you what’s going to happen if you have nothing to grab apart from the body parts.

39. Watch bjj competitions to see how experienced athletes react on the battlefield. Memorize it!

40. Always work on the weak sides and holes in your technique.

41. Learn how to use your body type to get more advantages.

42. Drill more. Before the class. During the class. After the class. Solo or with a partner.

43. Don’t forget about flexibility, stretch every day especially if you have problems with it.

44. Practice the techniques you learn during the class.

45. Don’t do illegal moves, ask your coach in advance if you have any doubts.

46. Learn and improve your grips. Tougher your grip – tougher you are.

47. Don’t be afraid to compete, fight not for victory, but for experience.

48. Monitor your hydration during the day, it affects many processes in your body.

49. Increase quantity of rolls (or their duration) to adapt your body to stress.

50. Follow our blog to get more tips and techniques.


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