Interview With Richard From Attack The Back


1. How did you get started in BJJ?

My journey in BJJ Started just over 4 years ago in September 2010. I was working a dead end 9 to 5 job and my daily routine consisted of:

Wake up > Go to work > Get home > Eat > Sleep > Repeat

I’ve always been interested in watching MMA and I had a friend Rob Taylor who was a purple belt, so I decided to try it out. And I’ve loved it ever since!

2. What is your current belt/rank?

Currently I’m a two stripe blue belt

3. What is your academy/team?

I train for Somerset Jiu-Jitsu Alliance (soon to be FIghtworx) under brown belt Gary Davies and black belt Darren Yeoman.

4. Are you a part time athlete or you have a job apart?

As well as doing BJJ I also have a full time job as an SEO specialist and Digital Marketer.

5. How many times a week/day are you training?

Currently I train three times a week, which is what my school currently puts on as it’s a part time affiliation.

6. Do you do No Gi/Judo/Wrestling as well?

As well as doing BJJ I do Sambo, which is a Russian fighting style developed for the soviet military. It primarily focuses on takedowns, which include wrestling style takedowns and has a heavy emphasis on leg locks.

7. What is your attitude to Crossfit or circuit training? Have you ever include it in your training?

Honestly, I don’t like crossfit because it teaches people that more reps equals better progress. Form is forgotten when they’re trying to lift as much as possible and that’s dangerous.

I’m a fan of standard circuit training though, it really helps with endurance and mental endurance, which I think is one of the most important things to have in BJJ.

8. New School vs Old School Jiu Jitsu, any thoughts?

I’m a sucker for the new school BJJ, give me a Berimbolo anyday. However, you should never forget the basics!

9. What is your personal style in jiu jitsu?

Slow and steady wins the race. I’m not a fast, strong or explosive person so I have to slow people down with a lot of open guard work and top pressuring passing.

10. If you could choose one super ability for jiu jitsu, what it was?(lol)

Mr Fantastic’s stretchy limbs!

11. Are you following any special dieting?

I’m not on any special diet but I am heavily focusing on my diet and exercise so I can lose weight for competition.

12. Do you use any sport supplements? If yes, give us an example of your favourite?

I use Protein for post workout and having a lot of success with CLA supplements for weight loss.

13. Do you have something special in your training program?

Pilates! It builds a strong core and helps with flexability.

14. What do you prefer – rolls over drills or drills over rolls?

Honestly I’m a big fan of rolling. My favourite lessons are sessions that are heavily position specific with lots of rolling.

15. What do you like most and least about BJJ?

I like the camaraderie that you get in BJJ, honestly the friends I’ve made there are some of the closest people I know. I always say “You don’t know someone truly until you’ve fought them.”

The worst thing I hate about BJJ is the injuries. It’s an inevitability and hen it happens, it sucks.

16. Where do you see yourself/your gym in the next 5 years?

We’re currently in the process of building a fulltime gym in the center of town, so in 5 years time the gym is going to be massive! Myself, I’d hopefully like to be a purple belt and teaching a few classes. Honestly I just want to still be doing BJJ in 5 years time.

17. What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining your BJJ gym?

DO IT. it’s an incredible sport, it you make amazing friends, get the test your might and learn some pretty cool ways of controlling people.

18. What are your thoughts on BJJ tournaments?

Tournaments are great, win or lose, the amount you learn about yourself and other people is amazing. I’ve head a black belt say that the 3 months you spend training for a competition can mentally equal about 6 months training in terms of knowledge, skill and technique.

19. What is your bread-and-butter move?

The loop choke. I catch it on everyone from everywhere.

20. What advice do you have about BJJ?

Don’t be afraid to try something. I saw way to many people tense up and do nothing for a 5 minute sparring session. Sparring is about learning not winning.

21. What do you wish more people knew about BJJ?

I wish more people knew about BJJ so they would have more of an educated opinion on the sport instead of making some homosexual comment about the sport.

22. How many women train at your gym?

Currently we have 4 women training on and off at our gym, with one who trains regularly.

23. What would you say to a woman who was thinking about trying BJJ?

Give it a go! Self defence or not, it’s a great way to learn something new and cool, and it’s a great way to keep fit!

24. What jiu jitsu lifestyle means for you?

The jiu jitsu life style for means always strive for something better. BJJ has taught me to always keep moving forwards in life, work, health and everything else.

25. How the idea of your blog was born? How did it begin?

Attack The Back was born through necessity. I have so many ides about BJJ that I need to express and that’s when the blog was born.

26. Did you expect your project become so big?

Attack The Back as been running for a year now and I did not think it would get as big as it had. I’ve very honoured to have a lot of help and support from individuals and various brands.

27. What is the main message of your blog?

I just want to talk about BJJ, whether it be about techniques, latest news or my own personal opinions.

28. Have you ever have a negative experience with your readers? Do you think you have haters lol? Bjj community can be cruel sometimes, especially people who didn’t get the true vibes of jiu jitsu yet.

At the beginning of the blog I published a post about Gracie university and their online blue belt system. I received a lot of hate for that.

29. What is your advice for bloggers who face it? (not all people can handle the negative feedbacks and give up with their ideas).

Embrace it, engage with the readers and more often than not you can talk them around and they can become an avid reader.

30. Do you consider it a full time job?

I’d consider blogging to be a part time profession.

31. Some of your articles are really good, where do you usually get your ideas? (academy, community)

I get my ideas from the community, my training partners and any techniques we’ve been working on in class.

32. What is Jiu Jitsu for you?

Jiu-Jitsu for me means a lot, probably a lot more than people think.

33. What are the tips you got in bjj and use through your journey?

Relax, as soon as you start to relax you can actually do some BJJ!

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